Life Force Activation

Cascais, Sintra and Lisbon

Experience a Transformational Journey

Life force activation and energy transmission that initiates the awakening of Kundalini energy within you.

Elevate Your Existence
Unlock Your Inner Potential
Embrace a Life-Altering Shift

The Facilitators

I am Linda and I am born in Sweden but live here in Portugal.
I've always had a strong affinity to the energy of people, nature and myself.
The first time i experienced kundalini activation I knew it was my calling and purpose. I have devoted most of my time since then to go deeper in the energy.
The meaning in life is to help others to Release and let go.

Having walked his own path of personal healing and transformation, and having done the work. Trained under a 10th generation shaman, Andreas brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial success and spiritual insight to his practice.

Life Force Activation

Life Force Activation is designed for individuals who are ready to immerse themselves in a deep connection with themselves and their authentic essence.

This experience embodies a profound encounter with your true essence and offers a balance between grounding and expansion.
As you surrender and release, the facilitator will gently guide the transfer of energy by intuitively connecting to various points on your body and harmonizing with your energy field.
The facilitator incorporate carefully selected music as a supportive companion in the session. Movements may occur and some of the benefits of Life Force Activation are that participants can experience deep insights and clarity. By activating the kundalini energy, energetic and emotional
blocks can be released and connect you to your soul.

This energy is inherently your own; the facilitator acts as a transmission vehicle and helps to reawaken this powerful energy within you.


Although what happens on the mat is very wonderful and liberating, it is what happens in life outside the sessions that is important.

•⁠ ⁠Eat little during the day and no later than 3 hours before a class.
-Avoid coffee and caffeine.
-Avoid alcohol and drugs
-Wear comfortable soft clothes.
-Come with an open mind
-Drink plenty of water during the day but also after class, as the energy is very cleansing.
-Arrive 10 minutes before class.

Not suitable for
Those who are under 18 years old
Those who have epilepsy
If you are pregnant in the 3rd trimester
You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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Cascais, Sintra and Lisbon